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Remote Learning 

Our remote learning platform is delivered through Purple Mash. All work is uploaded onto this on a daily basis. You will find a range of activities that will engage your child. We have been using Purple mash in school to prepare the children for a time when they may need to work at home, be this due to isolation or indeed a lock down where schools are closed. Our remote learning offer is closely linked to the curriculum on offer in school. Any parents who need support can contact the school office and your child's teacher will contact you to discuss this.  The guidance from the DFE is clear that children in KS 1 should access 3 hours of learning a day, this increases to 4hrs within KS2. 

In September 2020, our school returned to full-time education following the Covid 19 closure in March. Although we hope that the majority of our children will now have an uninterrupted experience, there is the possibility that an individual child, a class bubble, or indeed the whole school, will need to self-isolate for a period of time. We need to now ensure we offer a, high quality,  remote learning package so that all children can continue with their education. Our remote learning offer is married to the school’s curriculum offer.

Access to remote learning

If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support children and will provide paper packs of learning. Where funding can be accessed, remote devices (e.g., laptops) and/or 4G connections will be sought, particularly for disadvantaged children. Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning.

It will provide learning across the curriculum and children will be expected to spend a similar amount of time completing this as they would spend learning in school.

Key stage 1 = 3 hours of direct learning

Key Stage 2 = 4 hours of direct learning

The above timings are the minimum expectations set by the DFE

Learning Overview / Teaching Content

Purple Mash

Purple Mash is the name of our chosen online learning platform. All work will be uploaded onto this platform. When there is a lockdown work will be up loaded onto Purple Mash on a daily basis. There will be at least one English and Maths activity and 2 activities from other subjects.

Oak National Academy

The ‘teaching content’ will be provided to children through age appropriate video content on the DfE published list of educational resources site; Oak National Academy website. This provides the equivalent of 3 hours of lessons per day for primary school children. In their ‘classroom’ each lesson is an hour-long. They’re delivered by a teacher, with a pre-recorded video as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities. It’s all easy to use, there’s no login or password, and you can access the lessons on any device- pupils only need materials they can find at home. Should there be anything additional needed then school will aim to provide this.

Work will be planned by teachers on a weekly basis through their PPA time.  This will ensure that work is up to date and available at all times.

Learning Overview

EY’s / KS1 & KS2

The daily timetable will include:

  • Maths –White Rose Maths / TT Rockstars / NCTEM
  • Reading – Accelerated Reade / Serial Mash
  • Spelling/Phonics – Spelling Shed / RWInc website
  • Two foundation subject- learning linked to the year group curriculum – Using the Oak National Academy / work set on Purple mash
  • IT – using Purple Mash





Play Shed


Keep on top of your spellings with the Spelling Shed. Log in and see what your teacher has set for you.

Weekly spellings will be published on the Class Page for those children in KS2 using the strategies learnt in class.



Renaissance Place

youtube – RWInc Phonics  

A great way for children to work on line and assess their reading while at home.



Purple Mash

BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy 

Lots of exciting writing opportunities. These will include good examples of writing and the writing grids. Teachers will plan lessons through purple mash.


White Rose Maths


Using White Rose maths, children will be guided to the appropriate year group they are in and to one of the topics available.

They then select a lesson to complete; this includes a video and subsequent questions.


TT Rock Stars

Children have their own TT RockStars login details to practice and rehearse their times-tables at the appropriate level.

Other subjects


Purple Mash

BBC Bitesize 

Oak National Academy


Children can select their year group and subject (science, history or geography) then complete a relevant learning activity linked to their classroom learning.

Use your Purple Mash account to do some great IT work.



Pupils can send any completed work to teachers via the parent support email.  Alternatively, work that children complete on paper should be kept safe and returned to school when safe to do so.

Contact with pupils/ parents

Parents are able to contact the school via telephone or the parent support email address. Teachers will email back feedback if required. Any response should be made within 48 hours. Where a pupil is self-isolating on medical ground for a significant period of time, contact will be made via telephone on a weekly basis to monitor learning and provide support if needed. Pupils identified as vulnerable will be contacted by the either the learning Mentor, Teacher or Headteacher on a weekly basis and support offered as necessary. There is an expectation that children will continue with their home / remote learning if they are well enough and parents must ensure that this is carried out. The expectation is that parents and school will work together to ensure there is as little impact on lost learning as possible.

Links with other policies

This policy is linked to our:

  • Behaviour policy
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Privacy Notice
  • Pupil ICT Acceptable Use Statement 
  • Staff Code of Conduct

This policy is referenced within the Reading, Writing and Mathematics policies.

How will remote / home learning be monitored

The following systems will be in place

  • Teachers will monitor how much online learning has taken place within their class or for those children who are isolating
  • Area leaders will ensure curriculum coverage for the teachers in their area and ensure that the lessons/ activities match not only the curriculum need but also the child’s abilities.
  • R W MA leaders will check the planned lessons on a fortnightly basis to ensure appropriate work is set
  • SLT will ensure work is set on a daily basis.


Catchup Curriculum

As we remain in the Covid-19 Pandemic we endeavour to ensure all children are able to catch up and continue to make the progress they did before the start of the national lock down

Here is an overview of our intended strategies to help to ensure no child misses out on high quality learning opportunities.