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Reading and Phonics


To deliver an exciting, innovative Literacy curriculum which enables and empowers children's written and oral communication and creativity.



From October 2019 all children will start to build up their own home libraries. Each half term all children will select a book of their choice and these will be sent home with the children. we hope you enjoy reading the new books with the children. Happy reading!



As a school we follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics scheme 

Read Write Inc. Phonics is a comprehensive literacy programme designed to get all of our infants and in some cases the junior children reading and writing quickly. Importantly, phonics is not taught in isolation.

Initial and on-going assessment tracks every child’s progress. Children are grouped by ability so they learn rapidly at the right level. Partner work means every child participates in the whole lesson.

Our special ‘three reads’ approach ensures every child gains accuracy, fluency and a good understanding of the text.

All our staff are well trained in the delivery of Read Write Inc.



All children read on a weekly basis, this may be individual or guided reading.  Children to a range of adults including their class teacher or our support staff who have a wealth of experience in supporting childrens reading. Through the use of  Accelerated Reader the children are able to read a wide selection of books. regular Quiz time ensures the children are able to move through the reading levels at their own pace. the impact of Accelerated Reader can be clearly seen in the motivation the children have for reading. 

Accelerated reader success is celebrated at the end of each term with the children who have read the most words joining the headteacher for afternoon tea. This takes place at on of the local coffee shops. This is always a lovely way to reward the hard work the children put in. When children have read 1million words they are awarded a Kindle, should they read a second million they are given the equivalent cost in Amazon book vouchers for their kindle. 

Guided reading is taught at a whole class level and this happens on a daily basis. The children are exposed to new text on a weekly basis and this is then used so that the children fully understand the text and are able to work with their teacher on all content domains within the text. This not only increases their ability to read fluently and with understanding but also ensures they are well prepared for formal testing which takes place at the end of each school year. 


Through the text based approach to literacy the children read the following 


Autumn 1  Autumn 2  Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer 1  Summer 2 
Year 1 

Three Little Pigs 

Marshal Armstrong 


The Snail and the Whale 

The Storm Whale 

The Story Orchestra 

Four Seasons in One Day 


Jack and the Beanstalk 

George and the Dragon 

Katie Morag 

The Lighthouse Keepers Cat 

Handas Surprise 

One Day on Our Big Planet 

Year 2 

Vlad and the Great Fire of London 

Traction Man 

Little People Big Dreams 

Man on the Moon 

A Day in the Life of Bob 

The Way Back Home 

Lost and Found 

The Rainbow Bear 

The Egg 

The Magic Far Away Tree 


The Tunnel 

MeerKat Mail 
Year 3 

The Iron Man 

Stig Of the Dump 

Stone Girl 

Bone Girl 

The Street Beneath my Feet 

Pebble in my Pocket 

The Minpins 

The Egyptian Cinderella 

The Scarab Secret 

Charlotte's Webb 


Year 4 

Defenders Dark Arena 

Firework Makers 

Daughter Two 


Anglo Saxon Boy 

Freedom From Bron 

The Explorer 

Choco Pot 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Sky Dancer 

How to Train Your Dragon 

Arthur and the Golden Rope 

The Astounding Broccoli Boy 

Train to Impossible Places 

Year 5  The Nowhere Emporium 

Middle World 

Time Raiders 

Cosmic  Journey to the River Sea  Pig HEartBoy 

The Storm Keepers 

High Land 

The Girl Incan Stars 

Year 6

Cog Heart 

Gas Light 

The Extraordinary Colours of Audendare 

Kensukes Kingdom 

Letters from a Lighthouse 

Good Night Mr Tom 

War Horse  Rooftoppers  Wonder