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End of Year Expectations 

Below are the links to the End of Year expectations for each year group in school. You will find relevant information regarding what children are expected to be able to achieve by the end of their current school year. Please feel free to look at previous years to see what they have learnt in the past. The older booklets will also explain what they will be expected to learn in the future. 

Should you require paper copies please ring the school office and Mrs Pinder will be happy to help. 

 End of Year Expectations Reception.docxDownload
 End of Year Expectations Y1.docxDownload
 End of Year Expectations Y2.docxDownload
 End of Year Expectations Y3.docxDownload
 End of Year Expectations Y4.docxDownload
 End of Year Expectations Y5.docxDownload
 End of Year Expectations Y6.docxDownload
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