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Intent and Implementation 

At Carlton Junior and Infant School SRE is defined as learning about physical, moral and emotional development, love and care towards others and about the teaching of sex. Through the teaching of sex and relationships education children will learn about attitudes and values, personal and social skills and will develop their knowledge and understanding. Children are also taught about personal space and privacy. Each year group will follow the SRE curriculum from the Jigsaw Changing Me topic. This will always be taught with the second half of the summer term. The aim is also to ensure children are prepare children for the next stage of their learning journey be this moving within our school or indeed moving onto secondary school.

At Carlton we aim to:

  • Develop confident and effective communicators who value themselves and others.
  • Encourage enquiring minds.
  • Meet the needs of all pupils enabling them to reach their full potential
  • Provide children with an education appropriate to the world beyond the classroom
  • Help children to live together within the community, displaying tolerance and sensitivity
  • Develop in children a sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline
  • Develop in children spiritual awareness.


Please use the links below to see the SRE specific policy and the SRE scheme of work.


Consulting with stakeholders has been key to developing an effective policy. All consolation is ongoing.  Here is a link to the outcomes of the consultation so far 


85% have read and understood the policy 

86% understand what the children will learn and when

33% would like to attend SRE related workshops 

88% are pleased that their children will learn about different aspects of relationships 

20% would like to know more about how to withdraw their child from SRE 

46% would like to know where they can find more information regarding SRE at home 

92%  agree SRE should reflect the diverse world we live in

SRE Policy


SRE Scheme of Work


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