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Equal Opportunities Statement 

Equal Opportunities Statement

We have a code of practice which enables all the pupils/staff /parents to celebrate the diversity of our school community.

We ensure that all individuals within the school are entitled to learn, teach or work in a non- threatening and supportive environment in which self-esteem is enhanced.

We define all unacceptable racist, sexist, discriminatory or harassing behaviour and offer strategies for dealing with the perpetrators and provide support for the victims.

We make sure that all staff takes responsibility for these issues in all aspects of school life.


At school we believe that, in order to achieve the above, every effort possible must be made to ensure that all individuals within this school are valued and have the opportunity to develop their full potential within a context of mutual respect, justice and fairness.



  • Every individual within school achieves their full potential and has the same chance.
  • Equal access is achieved by everyone for everyone.
  • Changing needs are responded to.
  • We inform and educate staff, parents and children and remind ourselves of the issues.
  • We can live in harmony and create a more equal society.
  • Break down prejudices and build positive attitudes.
  • To improve the quality of life for all individuals.
  • To promote understanding and mutual respect of all members of society regardless of differences.
  • To reduce discrimination by operating a just and fair school society.


Cultural diversity amongst the whole staff should be viewed positively. In all staff appointments the best candidate will be appointed based upon strict professional criteria. The help of parents in school will be acceptable irrespective of their cultural, racial, gender background. All staff should be aware of possible cultural assumptions and bias within their own attitudes.



  1. We provide clear statements on the unacceptability of name calling, bullying, abuse (verbal and physical).
  2. We make sure that all children have time and space to talk and voice their opinions etc.
  3. We give individuals the opportunity to discuss about how they are feeling.
  4. We encourage the sharing of experiences (cultural and others).
  5. We review and update resources so that the message given should represent the children.
  6. Provide a differentiated curriculum.
  7. We provide a curriculum which aims to offer the same balance of learning experiences for all children.
  1. We make every effort to prevent ‘scapegoating’ within peer groups and amongst parents.
  2. We attempt to be aware of home background expectations and attitudes to out of school activities, which add pressure to the child and discuss these issues with parents when appropriate.
  1. A positive position is taken by all school personnel on bilingualism and culture by the use of displays around school etc. and by encouragement given to the children etc.
  2. Children will be encouraged to think about the exclusion of others and the effect it has etc.
  3. All pupils have equal access to all resources within school.
  4. Pupils do get involved in making their own class rules.
  5. We use a structured rewards system within school (see Rewards policy).
  6. Class teachers are aware of monitoring dominating pupil attitudes within the classroom.


All Racist incidents are recorded.

Parents will be informed of areas of concern about a child’s behaviour, attitude, and lack of

achievement informally initially - by Class Teacher or Headteacher and this will be monitored by the school.

On going concerns will be discussed in depth with the Headteacher/parents.

Disciplinary action could result if there is total non co-operation by the parent on behalf of the pupil then continued unacceptable behaviour could result in exclusion procedures for the pupil.