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Mr Pickering Mills is our Headteacher 

Mrs Featherstone is our Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Prendergast is our Assistant Headteacher

Supporting the vision of our school, we have a team of exceptionally talented teachers.  All of whom, bring vibrancy, challenge and creativity to the forefront of their teaching. 



Mrs Prendergast is our school SENCo 



The teacher in charge of Foundation Stage is Mrs  Radford. She is supported by Miss Black in Upper Foundation Stage, Mrs Steele  and Mrs  Giles  in Lower Foundation Stage.


The teacher in charge of Keystage 1 is Mrs  Williams.   She is supported by  Mrs Ryalls, Miss Wood and Miss De Beer  


The teacher in charge of Lower Keystage 2 is Mrs Prendergast. She is also the Assistant Headteacher  She is supported by  Mr Trevillion, , Mr Wilkes, Miss Benton  and Mrs Millar 

The teacher in charge of Upper Keystage 2 is Miss Benton, she is a member of the SLT. She is supported by Mrs Wright, Mr Silcock and Miss Skelton