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Art Intent and Implementation

At Carlton J and I School we believe Art plays an important role in enabling all children to feel successful, as it creates an opportunity for learning with no right or wrong answers expected. The children are taught a curriculum that ensures a progressive development of knowledge and skills that enable children to create, explore and evaluate their own work and the work of famous artists. Art can create an excitement for learning by encouraging children to develop their imagination and creativity. We intend to deliver a high quality Art curriculum that will develop a lifelong love for Art.


Art plays an important role in our Early Years, providing our youngest children with the opportunity to explore different media and materials they may not have had experience of before. It encourages fine motor skills, independence, communication and imagination.

In Key Stage One and Two our Art and Design curriculum provides a clear progression of knowledge and skills across the whole school, ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum. Children will explore different media and materials developing skills in drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture and textiles. Children will study and evaluate their own work and that of famous artists. They will learn the importance of critically evaluating their own work and improving it after reflection. We celebrate our love for art at Carlton J and I School by displaying our fantastic artwork around the school and in our art gallery, for all to see!

Art Scheme of Work

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Drawing Knowledge Organisers

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 YEAR 2 DRAWING.docxDownload
 YEAR 3 DRAWING KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 4 DRAWING.docxDownload
 YEAR 5 Drawing KO.docxDownload
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Painting Knowledge Organisers

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 PAINTING Y3 KO.docxDownload
 PAINTING Y4 KO.docxDownload
 PAINTING Y5 KO.docxDownload
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Collage Knowledge Organisers

 YEAR 1 MULTIMEDIA KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 2 MULTIMEDIA KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 3 MULTIMEDIA KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 4 MULTIMEDIA KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 5 MULTIMEDIA KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 6 MULTIMEDIA KO.docxDownload
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Printing Knowledge Organisers

 YEAR 1 PRINTING KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 2 PRINTING KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 3 PRINTING KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 4 PRINTING KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 5 PRINTING KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 6 PRINTING KO.docxDownload
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Sculpture Knowledge Organisers

 YEAR 1 SCULPTURE KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 2 SCULPTURE KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 3 SCULPTURE KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 4 SCULPTURE KO.docxDownload
 YEAR 5 SCULPTURE KO.docxDownload
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