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Music Policy

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Music Intent and Implementation Statement 

In Music, our intent is for all pupils to develop their interest in music by composing, performing, listening, appraising and developing their understanding of the musical world in which they live, under the direction of enthusiastic teachers and professional musicians.

Music has the ability to develop lifelong skills. It uses part of the brain which enables pupils to become better learners. At Carlton we feel it is important for pupils to have access to a variety of opportunities throughout their journey at our school.

Music is a universal language that embodies the highest forms of creativity, interest and engagement. Therefore, a high quality music education enables pupils to develop a love of music. Being a musician increases self-confidence, creativity and gives a sense of achievement. It develops an awareness of different cultures and genres, as well as an understanding of how music has developed over time.


Music is embedded in Early Years as part of Continuous Provision, Dough Disco, Squiggle and group activities, especially number songs to support Maths learning. We also deliver specific lessons from the Charanga Scheme throughout the year.

Wakefield Music Service deliver taught music lessons for each year group:

Year 1 Body Percussion/ Chime Bars

Year 2 Batons / Chair Drumming and Chime Bars

Year 3 Ukulele

Year 4 Samba

Year 5 / 6 Singing & Percussion

Children also have access to additional music tuition (WMS) from year 2 which they can participate in, at no additional cost to their families. These lessons are taken in school time and instruments are provided.

From Year 2 children can begin learning to play violin via the Start Up Project and then from year 3 children have opportunities to uptake Strings, Brass and Drumming. We have 2 lunchtime choirs for KS2 children which go out to support community events in the area. We take part in The Big Sing and WMS organised singing events in Wakefield.

Children also take part in singing in assemblies and at specific times of the year to celebrate festivals, such as Christmas or Easter. Every year group performs a Christmas Concert every year, which involves singing, acting, dancing and performing to an audience.

To enrich our Curriculum we have visits from African Drummers during Black History Month and performances from the WMS staff every year.

Some topic work lends itself to learning about music through the ages and across countries and this is embraced throughout the year.


Music Scheme of Work

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