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Modern Foreign Languages


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Concept of Gender

·          Food

·          Animals

Olural forms of nouns


Key verbs

·          J’ai

·          Tu as

·          Etra

·          Le

·          La

·          Les



Recognise masculine and femine nouns


·          Un

·          Peu

·          Tres

·          assez

Adjectives for position and agreement

High frequency verbs avoir and etre

Gender and agreement of zoo animals

Third person pronoun

·          il

·          elle

introduction to negative sentences

·          assez

·          tres


Use an opinion in front of an infinitive verb

Basic adverbial at the start of sentence Normalement

Colours and position of adjectives


Position and agreement of adjectives knowing that petit and grand are placed in front of the noun

Formation of negative sentences

Expressing and opinion in front of an infinitive verb

Revisit determiner

Introduction of immediate future tense in forst and second person

Choose the correct word order when writing sentences

Modal bebs

·          vouloir

Extend basic sentences with the use of adverbs using correct punctuation


en+country (feminine)

au+country (masculine)

Revisit and extend explanation of negative sentences with high frequency verbs

·          avoir

·          j’ai

·          as-tu….?

·          Etre


·          un

·          une

·          j’aime


·          Des

Position of agreement of adjectives

Third person verbs

·          Ill

·          Elle

·          S’appelle

Agreement of adjectives

Understand the determiner is not use when describing ocupations

Gender and how abreviasions indicate nouns and their gender in a bilingual dictionary

Immediate future tense and infinitive

Revisit gender and its importance when learning nouns

Speaking and listeninig

Intimate pronunciation

Respond with single word or short phrases

Know how to pronounce grapheme

·          Oi

·          Eu

Recite short rhyme with accurate pronunciation

Present a short dialogue with greeting – name and age

Ask and answer a question

Know that the final consonant is rarely pronounced

Use accurate pronunciation when reading a rap containing practiced sounds

Know and pronounce the letter i


·          ou

·          in

·          oi

·          eau

recap the key rule of not pronouncing final consonant

Ask and answer family and pet related questions

Recognise and order lyrics from a traditional song

Rollow a traditional take joinng in with repeated phrases

Imitate pronunciation

Respond with single word or shore phrase while reading a core text

Listen for specifi words or phrases and use previous vocab in new context

Know how to pronounce 6 vowel sounds through vocab and song

Say siple sentences to describe an animal


Pronunciation of grapheme

·          ch

·          an

·          e

·          in

·          on

·          an

·          eau

give 2 sentences describing what can be found on the high street using adjectives in the correct position

understand the fuse of stalling strategies / fillers in French conversation and use them during short conversations

use correct inotation when asking a question

say a sentence in the immediate future tense in response to a question

sustain a short conversation describing likes and dislikes following a model

demonstrate understanding from a recording

recognise dates on an audio recording

deliver a short weather reort using a model

state where you live and where this is in the uk


 Pronunciation of graopheme

·          eau

·          an

·          au

·          th

·          on

·          e

·          e


correct innotation when asking a question

perfrom school role play as part of a group speaking in complete sentences where appriopriate

listen and follw a traditional well known tale identifying key information from the recording

order the lyrics of a song as it is played

identify familiar members and occupations from a recording

order statements as a recording is played

follow a recoring matching nouns to adjectives

prepare and record a short radio advert for a rented property attempting good inotation and accurate pronunciation

Sustain conversation

Reading and writing

Write a short introductory sentence

Record short doialogue in writing following a model

Write short sentence describing the animal using the verb etre

Use a range of adjectives to give the description with correct punctuation

Write sentences to describe following a model

Recognise masculine and feminine adjectives

Read short sentences with accurate pronunciation when describing animals

Take notes to prepare a role play

Write a scene from an airport role play with correct possessive pronoun and correct verb

Write sentences using familiar verbs to introduce members of a block of flats write sentences to describe holidays

Deduce meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary

Write sentences to describe the climate in France

Read and order a conversation asking for directions

Demonstrate understanding of a short story with familiar and unfamiliar vocab using context to deduce meaning

Match extracts of a story to the correct image

Write a short paragraph to describe a character from a story

Write a keep fit plan using immediate future tense and bverbs in the infinitive

Write comparative sentences on health and fitness following a model

Complete the gaps in a transcript of a recording as part of dictation

Write sentences containing familiar vocabulary accurately

Recognise familiar vocabulary in a poem

Recognise verbs within an extract of a poem Apply knowledge of pronunciation rules and use place names and weather conditions to produce a poem

Write sentences to describe the climate in England in different seasons

Read an extended weather report  using skimming and scanning

Re-arrange sentences to create a coherent paragraph

Read and desuce meaning from a non fiction text realting to health breakfast

Write a short paragraph about school, adapting a model

Use a bilinguial dictioary as appropriate

Read a letter in French and aswer tre / false questions relating to its context

Use knowledge of English to deduce meaning of unfamiliar vocab

Use a dictionary to write statements about family

Write a description oif heir ideal home

Identify different text types from authentic French written extracts recipies, letters weather report joke etc

Identify key information from an advert

Use a bilingual dictionary judiciously to support understanding of a poem

Identify features of a oem and the authors intent

Write an additional verse to a poem making use of a bilingual dictionary

Draft holiday plans in the written form

Write a short letter to book holiday accommodation adapting a model

Adapt a programme of activities as part of a holiday plan