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Modern Foreign Languages Intent and Implementation 

The focus language at Carlton Junior and Infant School is French as the language taught at the local secondary school is also French and therefore our teaching prepares them for their next stage in language learning. We teach this Modern Foreign Language as it is compulsory within the National Curriculum at Key Stage Two and helps to provide our children with a language-rich, broad and balanced curriculum. We follow the Wakefield ‘La Jolie Ronde’ scheme which incorporates a balance of the four key skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). This scheme was devised by a French specialist who provides regular training and support to our staff in school. We do not teach French in Key Stage One as we place an important focus on developing children’s initial speech and language skills to provide them with the best possible starting point at Carlton. Our vision is for all pupils to become life-long language learners, providing all children with the opportunity to gain confidence and a love of languages. Our children not only take part in weekly French lessons but have an opportunity to explore the French culture during an MFL day, where they become immersed in French traditions. 

When implementing the teaching of MFL at Carlton, we use our long-term plan which feeds into the Wakefield scheme of learning ‘La Jolie Ronde.’ This scheme is devised by a Wakefield primary language specialist who gives us the confidence that it is exactly what our children need. This scheme ensures a balance of activities to develop children’s skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The scheme is delivered within a 30-minute weekly time slot in year groups 3 to 6, supplemented by daily recaps which take place at opportune moments. These recaps are done through the use of taking the register, quiz sessions and songs to name a few examples. Teachers are working hard to increase their use of French for routine communication in the classroom so that pupils hear the language used for real purposes. However, it is not subject policy for teachers to use the target language if this presents a barrier to understanding. During implementation, we know that it is key to revisit core themes, for example, in year 3, the children are introduced to the concept of gender which is then revisited and built upon in all other year groups.

MFL Scheme of Work

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French Road Map

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Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

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Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

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Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

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Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

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