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Attendance -  EVERY DAY COUNTS 


Our School Target for attendance is for every child to achieve

a 95.3% attendance record.  

Pupils whom are not in school miss out on important learning.  

Please see the Attendance policy on the policies page. 


Our school work's very close with a Wakefield Education Officer to ensure that all pupils get the best education, by attending school every day. 

 Should a child be off ill, we expect the parent / carer to phone the school before 8.30am to let us know.


Punctuality is very important.  We expect all pupils to arrive on time of each school day.   

We now operate a staggered start to the day 


8.40 / 12.30 Nursery,

8.45 Upper Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 3 

9.00 Year 2 and Year 4 

9.15 Year 5 and Year 6 


As a result of this there will also be staggered ending times 

11.30 / 3.15 Nursery 

3.15 Upper Foundation Stage , Year 1 and Year 3 

3.30 Year 2 and Year 4 

3.45 Year 5 and Year 6 

To encourage good attendance children are regularly informed of their class attendance and good attendance is celebrated in celebration Assembly on a Friday. The class with the best attendance over a term have an attendance party. All children with 100% attendance, at the end of the year are awarded a £5.00 Amazon gift voucher and are entered into a prize draw to win a bike!!! There is a boys and girls bike up for grabs. 


Following Government guidelines

      Pupils will not have authorisation to be out of school during term time.

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Month  Over all Attendance  Overall PA 
September  93% 25%