YEAR 6 -  S A T S practice -  Pupils of Year 6 have been given SATS packs -  We encourage parents to go through the packs with their child and work through questions.   All pupils are working very hard in school,  but every little bit of revision helps.  Thankyou.


Wednesday 26th March 2014

Pupils in the following classes will not be able to attend school:

AM Nursery / PM Nursery / Mrs Radford / Miss Atherton / Mrs Garside / Miss Rose / Miss Simpson

All other pupils to attend school as usual.


                                                                 Carlton J & I School

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Please give us a call If you would like to come and have a look around our school

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All applications  for children to attend our school are via The Admissions Office.

  Wakefield Education Authority  -  TEL: 01924 305616



Enjoy, Achieve!

At Carlton J & I School we aim to provide high quality education for all pupils.   We provide a safe, caring environment, to enable everybody in the school to achieve success, develop positive self-esteem and fulfil their potential.  Children are encouraged to develop independence and work hard to make the most of their talents.  Every day counts and  we pride ourselves on our team spirit and dedicated team work.   Our support staff make an invaluable contribution to the life and work of the school. 

Education today is a partnership,  and as such we encourage parents to work along side us to actively share in your child's education.   A close relationship between home and school is vital to support your child's learning.

Naturally we want all of our children to achieve the very best that they possibly can regardless of their ability or disability, gender, race or beliefs. We want them to feel successful and to have the ability to accomplish whatever they want.

Head Teacher