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This half term we have launched our blog  page which will provide regular updates about life in and out of school. Stay tuned for updates and please share our blog page with friends and family! 


14th October 2016

Every year, in October, people across the world recognise Black History; a time to reflect on and celebrate the influential figures of the past and present day. This week here at Carlton Junior and Infant School we have engaged in a range of activities linked to this, from African mask painting to character profiles on Nelson Mandela. Keep a look out for our entrance hall display showing all of our fantastic work from this week!  

11th November 2016

Armistice Day, a time to remember and show thanks. Throughout school there have been numerous activities taking place from our Foundation stage to Year 6, from stories and assemblies to 3d poppy pictures. With great pleasure I am proud to say that our children now know the meaning of respect, in a variety of different contexts. During Sunday's Remembrance March Mr Mills alongside two children from Carlton will lay a wreath, at the cenotaph on Barnsley Road.  

18th November 2016

As most of  you are aware the children of Year 6 and fully engaged in an Oak Forest School project where they are working as a team to build Carlton's very own outdoor classroom. This week in school the children invited their parent's to join the team. It was a fun filled morning for all and with lots of hard work and determination they successfully built 3 benches and shovelled 2 tonnes of pea shingle!

24th February 2017

It has been a busy first week back in school after the half term with lots of new learning taking place. Our Forest School area is now complete and being enjoyed by our Year 5 pupils on a weekly basis. Year 3 and 4 children were delighted to find out that their topic is all about chocolate for the next seven weeks! Finally, Year 1 and 2 attended a RSPB conference in school to kick start their topic! 

3rd March 2017

 In school today we celebrated World Book Day, the children were invited to dress up as their favourite book characters. Throughout the day the children were involved in a range of activities linked to a specific book or author for their year group. The afternoon's activities included designing a National Book Token for the Oodles and Doodles competition.

10th March 2017

This week we have held inspire mornings across Key Stages inviting parents/carers to join in with our in school activities. The focus of the inspire morning for Year 1 and 2 was 'Our World'; alongside their parents the children made bird houses and bird feeders. As the topic in Year 3 and 4 is 'Chocolate' they created cocoa beans out of tissue paper, baked chocolate buns and made collages based chocolate brands such as Lindt or Cadbury. In upper Key Stage 2 the children focussed on designing and constructing a robot through junk modelling, generating 'Wordles' based on famous inventors and making delicious unique pizzas. 

17th March 2017

 Behaviour has been the celebration within school this week. Across different classrooms we have promoted positive friendships and good behaviour alongside the purposes of both. The children have engaged in a range of activities for example recipes for friendship and instructions on how to be a good friend. Both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 attended a play called 'Just Joshing' which modelled friendships in different scenarios modelling the best approaches to take in dealing with a variety of situations.

24th March 2017

As today is Comic Relief, in school we have celebrated Red Nose Day by wearing non-uniform and baking buns throughout school - the children thoroughly enjoyed this! But, not only is this a time of celebration, it is also a time to be thankful for how privileged we are here at Carlton Junior and Infants School. In addition to this, a handful of children spent the day in Castleford representing our school at a tag rugby tournament. I look forward to hearing the results! 2 busy weeks left in school before the Easter break!

31st March 2017
This week in school we have been very lucky to work with Konflux Theatre learning about the power of the Internet, considering that it has both a good and a bad side. Each class created a 'play in a day', which were all worthy of a place on Broadway, and presented it to each other. It is full steam ahead for our last week of the Spring term, next week includes the Easter bonnet parade, raffle and a pantomime to celebrate the hard work of our school team!

 7th April 2017

This week here at Carlton Junior and Infants School we have been super busy! The children were very lucky on Monday afternoon as they watched the pantomime Lilly and the Snow Bear. Then, throughout school we held an Easter bonnet competition on Tuesday, where a winner was selected from each class. Years 4 and 5 set off on Wednesday for their residential trip to Robin Wood, and have had a fantastic time doing fun-filled activities, such as the trapeze and alien conspiracy. To add to the business of our final week of term, Years 1 and 2 had a fantastic time visiting Harlow Carr garden centre for a topic linked trip.

We wish everyone a very happy and enjoyable Easter break! Enjoy the rest and remember to revise Year 6 children as it’s full steam ahead for SATs when we return!

28th April 2017

Our first week back at school has been extremely busy and exciting! Year 4 are now partaking in Forest School on Tuesday's - we are very excited for updates on their activities! Upper Foundation Stage had a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, regardless of the weather, they had a full day of fun! Rumour has it that the polar bears were the favourite animal. Year 1 and 2 have had the luxury of working with Elite Kids Coaching for a outdoor skills session and finally Year 6 are still busy preparing for their SATs test! Enjoy the long weekend!

12th May 2017

A significant milestone crossed for our Year 6 pupils this week as they completed their Key Stage 2 tests, we are extremely proud of their whole approach and attitude to SATs. Elsewhere in school, Upper Foundation Stage have walked with bears this week with their bear topic. They were very excited as they measured polar bears in the playground and created class books based on different bear types! Year 3 and 4 are focussing on their topic ‘Feel the Force’ where they have been scientists carrying out experiments with jelly cubes. The children were thrilled with their results as they were quite the opposite of what they expected!

19th May 2017

 Year 1 and 2 have been to the Wildlife Park in Doncaster this week, despite the weather they had a fantastic time and enjoyed the giraffes the most. Upper Foundation Stage have enjoyed experimenting with their new child-friendly kitchen - we are hoping for tasters of the food! We were extremely lucky to be able to spend the day with Google Expeditions on Tuesday, an experience which allows the children to access 3d/virtual reality through goggles and headsets. Year 1 and 2 experienced an underwater scene, Year 3 and 4 took a trip to a Volcano and Year 5 and 6 explored the nervous system and brain.   

26th May 2017

 Throughout school this week we have celebrated cultures: acknowledging differences and similarities. Each year group focussed on a different culture where they were able to taste foods, try on outfits, read traditional cultural tales and many more exciting activities. The cultures included Indian, Britain, Japanese and Chinese.

 We closed this half term with a red, white and blue day to celebrate The Queen's Sapphire Jubillee.Throughout school the children shared a picnic lunch outside in the lovely weather! We hope that you have a lovely, relaxing break and come back to school ready for our last term!

 16th June 2017

In Year 1 this week the children have been using the iPads to create a Telagami fact file, they have thoroughly engage with this activity and have enjoyed sharing this with other children in school. Secret agents have emerged in Year 2, all children received their special agent certificates and agent glasses. Keep a look out for them! Our Year 6 children launched their own school shop this week, where the children solely plan, budget and account for their stock. It has been a great success so far and most days we have sold out!